Deep Fried Radio Static – Deep Fried Radio Static (NJMP3-0379)

Deep Fried Radio Static - Deep Fried Radio Static

The brown urban landscape of an industrial park, an atmosphere clogged with dirt, dust and the tears of poor laborers. It’s no fun living and working in the world of Deep Fried Radio Static, so let’s get outta here and get a bite to eat.

Artist: Deep Fried Radio Static
Title: Deep Fried Radio Static
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0379
Keywords: Abstract, Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Again, I have arrived to re-release and review an old classic noise release from ages ago! 🙂 This time, we’re deep in the fat, fryin’ up some crunchy radio static. Will it be enough to live on? I think so, but it’s not healthy. You’re gonna have to find something to do with all those extra calories.

Take a bite outta the extra-crispy first track, ‘Acidtwinges’, which begins with a savory hiss and the squelching tones of digitization. A strange and vibrant choir of droning mechanisms grows in the mix. Must be the yeast. It seems to multiply and fold in on itself, doubling into bizarre forms, mutating frequently and gaining in harsh feedback frequencies. As it quiets, strange percussive blasts like distant thunder or a sparse, martial dirge of wardrums can be heard. Maybe it’s the growling in your stomach for more. A distorted mass of buzzing bee choirs swell, then dissolve instantly in your saliva. More garbled, listerine-noise gargles forth like froth on a warm glass of ale. The taste-buds are seared with more harsh noise, resonant and impressively palatable.

The next piece, ‘ColdREvenge’, has a mouthfeel like a water pick filled with corrosive acid, blasting away the enamel. You’ll feel like you guzzled a gallon of spoiled milk and hotdogs. Try chasing it down with some worcestershire sauce. There is no end in sight to the harshness; let it fill the empty void of your stomach with sonic enmity, entering and corrupting your bowels. Make a trip to the bathroom to retch and blast hot, fluid feces into the toilet or hand basin. Can you survive this hellish buffet for 21 minutes?

Last, we come to the most delectable portion of the meal, a home-made dessert titled ‘Vierbierboten’. It’s a rich helping of ambient people-noise, like the chatter of an airport or food court. Bits of static and noise can be heard threatening to overtake the mix. Low, drones of ice and cream spin slowly with nauseating allure. It’s the vertigo of funnel cakes and extreme fair rides. It falls away to a void of static, and brief noises we can only guess the origin of. To me, it sounded like someone manipulating silverware. Grinding noises swell, as does a thin, harsh melodic drone. These then give rise to a wall of noise that tops the track like a maraschino cherry.

Mmmm-mmm. Voila! Parfait! You can get some of this at the link below:

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