Dreka Dreka Dreka – Existench (NJMP3-0111)

Dreka Dreka Dreka - Existench

Let’s take a look inside the album art for Existench by Dreka Dreka Dreka and see what it’s… OMG, it’s the head of St. John the Baptist!!! No, nevermind, it’s just Walt Disney.

Artist: Dreka Dreka Dreka
Title: Existench
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0111
Keywords: Noise, Chiptune, Experimental, Musique Concrète
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

It’s dreck!!! Just kidding, it’s actually a pretty solid and very old release from the Noise-Joy catalog. I mean, you might not like it, but if not, well, you stink.

It’s just one track, about 25 minutes in length, titled ‘Existench’. It’s like the rapid fire of nasal allergens in the form of noise laser blasts. As a smell, it is a bit sharp, even harsh… like bleach. It sounds like it’s been produced with sound chips run through distortion pedals… buzzy, incoherent, uncompromising. At times, it feels drunkenly melodic, like a cacophony of insectoid or gelatinous aliens attempting to emulate Mariah Carey. It devolves into a rigid form, like a paper shredder in freakout mode, probably about to catch fire. A grinding wheel is being used to buffer a thousand tiny razorblades in my ears. It sounds like Wiley Coyote just dropped some Acme DMT and is laying at the edge of a cliff cackling throughout the multiple dimensions he’s opened in his head. Somewhere around 11:40 we get some really nice train-crossing frequencies screaming for awhile. This is total sound madness. Dreka Dreka Dreka seems to really know how to break down the mind with his use of horrifying hertz explosions and throttled feedback. At other times, we can only laugh as the higher pitched tone swivels up and down like a theremin staggering home after a night of pounding cheap tequila. Reality begins to scramble. Closer to the end, it feels like we’ve left it all behind us and are fading into an expanse of harsh white noise.

P.U.! Get this wonderful stinker at the following link:


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