Galactic Kaleidoscope – Revolutions Of The Modern Age

Artist: Galactic Kaleidoscope
title: Revolutions Of The Modern Age
keywords: electronic, experimental, psychedelia, shoegaze
reviewer: unavailable

With a shiny lose hand that sticks fingers inside a metallic looking skull’s eye sockets on the front cover, it is a clear suggestion that we have arrived at another release that has been sitting in the waiting list for quite a while. I mean if this wasn’t the original state of how the cover came in when it was send over that is; but in any case the left over skull might not be able to read the review without eyes; so I guess that the waiting time has saved ass in case my fingertips would write something wrong.

Galactic Kaleidoscope’s music is (for what my ears have heard) pretty specific. The tracks are kind of spaced out as if the listener’s ears getting a solid peek of a heroin addict with music ambitions. This is just as fascinating as it is directed towards a special taste and feel, that might be difficult to get into when not completely wasted on stardust, but it’s worth to give it a shot when sober. (A shot of alcohol?)

The three tracks that are featured on this EP are ‘fight (against control)’ , when tomorrow hits (spacemen 3 cover)’ & ‘Gonna start (a revolution)’. All of them are exclusively performed within a lo-fi environment with as main two weapons a electric guitar and the drowsy lyrics coming out of the singers mouth.

You might want to check the calendar before playing them and see what date or year it is, as (coincidence or not) it might be that this is the modern age & these psychedelic lo-fi  tracks are little revolutions only listenable at this specific moment in time. It also could be that this was just a little bit of nonsense to fill up this ‘review’.
Whatever the case, future/past or circumstances; the following link will direct you to this release:

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