artist: SPRING
title: SPRING
keywords: hates music, loves money, experimental shit
reviewer: Mark X

SPRING’s SPRING has arrived and comes as two tracks that rings the bell of shitty anti music.
The first quick track ‘watch out for my gun kick move’ sounds like an piano improvisation at some samba bar or shopping mall. It’s a bit deluded as if on absinth, but perfectly safe to listen if you don’t mind hearing music that sucks. In case you do mind, than please go and find another website but in case you are into suckness; you might want to hear ‘Jontron official theme’ too. It’s more rhythm orientated (in case you wanted to know..). Basically this release sucks and we know you like that once in a while. It is also very expensive, so in case you like to spend money on someone who hates music but loves money, than please have a blast by buying SPRING by SPRING over here:

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