Farthest South – Spheres & Constellations

Artist: Farthest South
Title: Spheres & Constellations
Keywords: experimental, ambient, cosmic, drone, improvisation, psychedelic

Farthest South is giving you a sincere album that has psychedelic proportions and values and molds them together in to dreamy bubbles without constipation. Farthest South inserts its sounds slowly and creates an unmistakable reality that is aiming to please the subconscious mind with slow synthesizer pads and spacious trip extras. Think about passing clouds in a blue sky and the visual imagination figuring out what the cloud looks like. It has this relaxation vibe that might make you feel like an astronaut floating in space on its time-off, it’s truly a relaxing  session that is recommended for anyone hyped up on stress and need something to get their senses back together.

What else is better than these new age ambient trip to get good rid of mind disturbance? It might be righteous enough to insert sound chapters that will tickle visions and other psychedelic phenomena, but it does all in a futuristic non frightening way. Slowly and softly shimmering this soundtrack away,  sliding from small situation into another all in the content of a sleepy experience that would do good for people in need for a soundtrack to flourish up their meditation sessions.
With a heart filled up with ambient might I here invite you to consider the music available at the following link?

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