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Fm-ra – experimenting 24/05/2014

artist: Fm-ra title: experimenting 24/05/2014 keywords: experimental, live performance, video Listening in the afternoon to the audio output of Fm-ra is like peeking into a themed world of the rich flora and fauna of something like a futuristic version of … Continue reading

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Noisavoisa – Bad Dreams

artist: Noisavoisa title: Bad Dreams keywords: experimental, analog, noise, harsh noise, musique concrete, noise ambient, noise rock We have heard and featured the music by Russian Noisavoisa before, but we did not encounter him in a more calmly matter. With … Continue reading

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Linda – Linda

artist: Linda title: Linda keywords: pop, electronic, rock, indie, rock pop Linda by Linda from Buenos aires is hands in the air (who wants a tropical cocktail?) kind of music. The combination of a layer of electronic music with friendly … Continue reading

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Nearfield – Human Error

artist: Nearfield title: Human Error keywords: IDM, ambient, electronic label: Picpack The first track on Human Error by Nearfield is ‘Gloom’, It contains a simple but yet effective melodic mellow loop in contrast with sharp sounding electronic beats. It isn’t … Continue reading

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Eoforwine – The flood

artist: Eoforwine title: The flood cat: FCK 001 format: floppy diskette (limited to 18) keywords: noise ambient from Hungary label: Floppy Kick The solution for singles that don’t want to be alone is the knowledge that there are other singles … Continue reading

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Circle of Shit – Rape Culture

artist: Circle of Shit title: Rape Culture keywords: noise, experimental, harsh noise Somewhere in a open space in the middle of dense and dark forest a meeting of hooded people is taking place. Who are these mysterious characters? They are … Continue reading

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Cyborgs On Crack – Tapeworm

artist: Cyborgs On Crack title: Tapeworm cat: SSR-RR-0049 keywords: electronic, electronica, experimental, industrial, synthpop label: Splitting Sounds Records reviewer: a human on crack ”The next words and sentences are influenced by the visuals and music of ‘tapeworm’ by Cyborgs … Continue reading

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Shit – Possessed By The HNW

artist: Shit title: Possessed By The HNW keywords: HNW Reviewer: Willem van O. Hello dear YIKIS readers, welcome at another trusted review written by me, Willem van O. (a Dutch royalty that likes to be anonymous). Here I am reporting … Continue reading

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Lxnnnie – Playing Spades With Satan

Artist: Lxnnnie Title: Playing Spades With Satan Label: Weakie Discs Catalog #: ??? Keywords: Singer Songwriter, Acoustic, Experimental Reviewer: RTF Here is another odd gem from Poland’s Weakie Discs, a small independent imprint with excellent taste, this time in the … Continue reading

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Jorge Bernstein & the pioupioufuckers – A Taste Of Win

artist: Jorge Bernstein & the pioupioufuckers title: A Taste Of Win format: floppy diskette keywords: alternative, garage, lobit label: Super Apes Label reviewer: Willem van O. A cute floppy diskette filled up with five low fidelity tracks too rock out … Continue reading

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