Linda – Garan No Kago EP

artist: Linda
title: Garan No Kago EP
keywords: experimental, grindcore, breakcore, e-grind, noisecore
label: grindcore karaoke
reviewer: Willem van O.

It can’t be flower fields, sunshine and home baked apple pies all the time; sometimes we just need a little aggression in our life. We know that our main head of comment Linda dreams away of visions of being armed with a chainsaw annihilating the annoying members of society.
Also this Linda who is responsible for a two track release is obviously not in the mood for mint tea. Linda might not play the chainsaw but a mixture of grindcore extremity. Lots of crashes, hyper beats banging and psycho karaoke bar screaming makes this an energetic ball for all who are on the bordering zones of being on the edge. Let’s turn it up and go berserk with Linda:

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1 Response to Linda – Garan No Kago EP

  1. Linda says:

    The best Linda-production reviewed so far (the summer-pop with I scream cover ain’t bad either)! Having a bit of a sore throat from the karaoke ‘though…

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