Various Artists – vk_lobit comp #5

coverartist: various
title: vk_lobit comp #5
keywords: experimental, electronic, hip-hop, trip-hop, chill out, industrial, punk, digital hardcore, breaks, electronica, chip tune, alternative, folk, rock, lobit

the latest lobit compilation compiled by the vk_lobit community is pretty large.
With a single click you will be getting 24 ‘new breed’ lobit tracks by a various amount of artists.
The first one that you will meet is the one with the name ‘evgthug1’ who delivers a modern electronic experimental piece that has assimilated the features of a show tune, electro, wops and hip-hop to give us the perfect appetite for the rest of the tunes!

More focusing on delivering the ‘bad boy’ kind of music is an artist with the name 法老的眼睛. the track ẊŃ Μ¥ ĿΣΛΣĿ takes us through a varied forms of special effects with a seemingly RnB song as its main source. It’s has a nice warm flow to it that makes it perfect for joint – riding.

Another beauty is made by Eleomys. It is a very nice and warm chill trip track that sounds superbly professional. I imagine an artist like Moby drinking tea while listening to this track. It has this feeling of everything being in balance, with great sounds that will embrace you as if it is a newly made friend.

An artist called Piedpaper brings even more chill out music to this compilation, proving that lobit (with its added warmth of the encoding structure) is the perfect sound for these kind of  relaxation with music sessions.

Beautiful dark synth tones are introduced by Qinshy within its track ‘tosana’
the music is like a vague hymn in mist that has a lost pop singer all up in the clouds,
waiting to escape a troubled spiral of smoke and fire of an hot erotic depression.
It’s beautiful!

After this we hear more reality performed in a song by ssanuy ansambl. His words are powerful and are forced out as a shown of discontent feeling of all the f*cked up shit that is going on at the moment.
I’m not familiar with the language, but you can just hear that this artist is touching up the conscious mind and drops a perfect protest song, kindly dribbled in powerful gloom!

sxmxtvm gives us a track that combines a slow hip-hop vibe with experimental glitch and the warm vacuum of a psychedelic guitar trip.

artist ECHO brings a tune called ‘Fantastica’ which brings a lovely part of nature to the compilation and hooks it up with IDM rattleing riddles and ambient escapes. Really nice how everything is changing, the warm synth pads and rhythmic sounds are sounding very fresh and friendly.

A pretty piece of melodiousness is being brought to us by an artist called Illwitch. The track ‘lost happiness’ sounds exactly as the title suggest; very happy and very lost inside of it.. A good combination!

Maidan Tuman’s Ikona is a more lightweight tune that goes for the delights of making the listeners dance. Out of the blue and without any warnings the artist transforms every location inside the hot scene of a pounding rave! The only thing to do is instantly dance on this catchy cracker!

‘Citadel’ by J.C.Carven is lurking us in to deeper depths that feature equally wicked deep synths that will keep your ears busy and occupied while a light weight beat and strange dark effects will hold you in their grip. When halfway monsters erupt that luckily decide not to eat us but join the actual groovy music. (before munching us?)

Ozoi The Maid is here to mashing the bits and does this with BITBASHER more than successfully! Armed with Japanese voices, chips in bits the artist will give you a dance smasher to smash your alternative skull in.

On lucky number 13 you can find also a track made by a certain kind of Toxic Chicken. I don’t want to spoil all the spoilers, so you just might have to download this release and hear it (like the other tracks) with your very own ears.

We all get a nice surprise when NINSID brings in a bombastic track called ‘Infernal Annihilation’.
I have not heard anything like it, it is like a combination of industrial goth electro rock and ‘river dance’. It’s totally cool and epic and probably fits so well slaying slayers from medieval times swell as space punks dressed in leather. This is something else and it’s definitely something good.

From the bombastic in your face music it is difficult to recover, but an delightful artist named a‚  is an okay middle point to come back to your own senses. It features a deep electric guitar, some funky hip-hop with vinyl scratches and of course words!

Brought to us by Theater Of A Dead Man is a track called ‘one big family’. This is yet again a different approach of music than anything else featured on this compilation before. The snared instrument that is beloved by many gets a warm frenzied singer as a friend, creating an theatrical atmosphere.

Everyone’s favorite obit hero ‘Vlad Shegal’ gives us all a nice gift with a 8+ minute performance of him with voice, guitar and shaker bringing his own unique brand of charming music that will captivate your heart with pure honesty.

The following artist is Black Boss who delivers a song called ‘Aint Yr Boss’. It features a lot of ‘Heys’ sweet mellow music with a beat to feel like Black Boss who sings with a ultra low voice about ‘feeling like a night club king’.

Flatulent Swamps brings a lovely petite sounding tune with lots of energy that spreads a lot of love through the speakers through the sounds and friendly melody. The rattling beats keeps you hooked and happy, making this one of these pretty tunes that you need for instant happiness!

Now that we are happy and dancing, it might be a good time to listen to the track brought in by  aa. It is a wild exploration of hyper digital hardcore breakbeats, with a nice electro space break in the middle of the breaks that tunes this tune into very powerful and pinky! The powerful vocals are like spitting fire of truth! This is very cool!

A dark tune by Suooort comes in the shape of a tune named ‘Fear Of Light’, which is equally cool by giving shadows of kick ass music, full of thrilling sound bites that feel like riddled up with ghosts and spirits coming from an burned out Gothic club. Power drums will push this tune to different levels.

One prominent artist in the late lobit scene is the one called ‘deafness’, here the artist delivers a really nice track ‘Fruitless Search’. It is surrounded by sad mystery that equally sounds warm. An emotional melodic little piece that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Next to last is a more veteran producer Sven Meyer, Here he creates an excellent track made up out of pure glitch explorations making a warm ambient work that seemingly feels as if it lives a life on its own. Very interesting sounds and movements that will happily keep you entertained.

mhzesent is the last artist on this enormous compilation. Here the artist touches upon the depth that the lobit rate is able to capture like no other by purely focusing on the buzz that hails from it.
Listening to this track is exciting, its like any moment something is going to happen, a crash or something else that will stop this rush that the sound is feeding us.

The vk_lobit comp #5 is definitely one of the hottest and varied compilations out there that dribble in all kinds of genres and have unexpected twists flabbergasting your expectations.
Bizarely all these tracks fit together like a glove, which is remarkable considering all the big differences in style. I feel in general that this compilation has a more furious sound, a bit more punk than the previous ones, but also consisting of pure quality. Each tune is well thought about and spend enough time on to say that this collection of tracks is a MUST HAVE!

It looks like the compilation has no label or distributor at this moment in time,
so it might be an extra rarity out there on the internets.
But don’t let this stop independent experimental music makers and lovers to spread the word,
as you can freely download the compilation all nicely zipped through the link over here:

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5 Responses to Various Artists – vk_lobit comp #5

  1. Vziel says:

    Such titles as “ņ ØƧ ™Æ™†®≠Æ” actually have a problem with cyrillic encoding. That’s how the tracklist looks like:

  2. kainobuko says:

    that sucks 😀

  3. Linda says:

    Suckers, this didn’t suck!! I want my money back!!!

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