B8 – Computer Voice

artist: B8
title: Computer Voice
cat: EPH091
keywords: electronic
label: Ephedrina netlabel https://ephedrinanetlabel.wordpress.com
Reviewer: Erwin Jan Van Fluitwinkel

The combination of the letter B and number 8 makes B8. B8 on its own creates an online downloadable release called ‘Computer Voice’.
The first track is also called ‘Computer Voice’ and starts with a too my ears human generated voice saying ‘computer voice’. After that we get to hear something that strongly reminds the long term brain-damaged sectors about the German fellows turned robots ‘Kraftwerk’.
It might not be ‘the operator with a pocket calculator’ and some old school aphex twin might have dropped through; but the bleeps in combination with the sharp snare and kick might be enough to swim in sentiment and perhaps dress up in carton boxes as a new break dancing robot. The human voice saying ‘computer voice’ appears a few times more and also has the honor to end this track.

But there is more than just ‘computer voice’. There is for example ‘punto punto’ that will make sure that you can keep wearing the cardboard boxes in style for more sensual robot dance moves. Perhaps if you are doing it right you might attract a robocop for some fine table tea spoon cup groove lessons.

The release also included a track called ‘oram’ which is again tickling the fond memories of the fine Kraftwerk sensation after their hippy psychedelic music experiments brought electronica to their spiritual paths. ‘Ein,zwei, seben, acht’ insert more beeps and a beat that could be danced on. The only thing is that this version of memories of Kraftwerk might be distorted, here we hear our favorite fantasy of the producers high, minimal, grooving out without all the melodic melodies and catchy blobs. I have to admit that listening longer to this piece of B8, I strongly feel to cough up an conspiracy theory.

What if this is actually one of the members of Kraftwerk? Or what if this is the output of one of the Kraftwerk robot impersonators? Dropped as ‘bait’ for free download on the internet, to see if anyone is going to hear and download it and than going to pump out a story of it actually having a connection to the well respected Kraftwerk. Honestly I would love this conspiracy theory to be true, but I wouldn’t believe it though. I mean ‘yeah it’s fun’ but unless someone in the Kraftwerk camp was completely out of their minds when making this; Kraftwerk is far ahead of its time to come even close by B8. In any case I have bitten the bait with both teeth (the rest had fallen out in my pre-Kraftwerk period..) and will now not mention it again.

Okay, I lied.. I was trying to be witty, but it’s impossible that Kraftwerk is involved in any way. Why? Because B8 is Italian and the last track on the ‘computer voice’ release sounds not at all like any Kraftwerk. It sounds like an espresso had fallen over a drum machine, fucking up the internal circuits but creating some kind of glitchy swing beat out of it.
In case you want to hear it instead of just scrolling through a useless collection of words than please follow this link:

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