Puke Skywalker – Coma EP

artist: Puke Skywalker
title: Coma EP
keywords: expérimental, avant-garde, downtempo, electronic, pop

Puke Skywalker has been hitting the internet by storm with a gracefull instant classic release with ‘hit’ songs like ‘barbwire fence wrapped around my neck’ , the highly emotional ‘under my thump’ and the more glitchy ambient dope of ‘ambient dreams’. Every song has its own character and is perfect in size for radio play. If you want rolling breaks to get down with, you can dig his more beat orientated ‘call me’. For happy sensual times in pink bunny costumes you might find the perfect soundtrack for ‘a quicky’ in a sexy shorty called ‘strip solitaire’.
Everyone would get some kind of kick out of at his fine EP by Puke Skywalker, as Puke made sure to please and never to bore. His longest tune ‘Rhiannon’ is very laid-back & funky leaving you sucking up that puke by Puke Skywalker happy and smiley! A recommended release for our dear readers, and even non readers! Here is a link that you should click:

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