Arytnelanuko – Synechtrie

flo1artist: Arytnelanuko
title: Synechtrie
cat: FCK003
format: Floppy Diskette (limited to 18)
keywords: Noise, Experimental
label: Floppy Kick

Sucked up in a space confined with squeaky plastic sounds that laugh at you while a heavy session of menacing excitement goes on  that hangs between the aural experience of an attacking hungry tiger with its claws out ripping off your ears, being hyped up at a louder than loud rave and some occult noise fest featuring Arabic sounding bag pipes. This is a single that can be whatever you want it to be, but it will for sure let itself know; as it is loud and certainly sounding proud.

Created by Arytnelanuko from the Czech Republic; this little beast has been living a life on its own until being carefully captured and released in the confinement of a practical floppy diskette. Look at them aren’t they beautiful?
floSo in case you aren’t involved in being chased by a wild tiger as you read this, or are not blasted away at an ear destroying rave so loud that you can’t even hear the music, or are neither buzzy at an occult offering of authentic instruments to the great demons of radical noise; than this wild single might be the surrogate you are looking for. Spice up your life and get this energetic single on a blue, orange or yellow floppy from the one and only Floppy Kick records:

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