Jessica Williamson – Resurgence (single)

artist: Jessica Williamson
title: Resurgence (single)
keywords: ambient, electronic, experimental, poetry and music rock

Jessica Williamson single is something that I wasn’t prepared for to hear. I felt a bit like a judge on a talent show that had underestimated the person by the look and feel of the cover and than was overruled by the the actual content. The audience would have loved it and also the commercial bosses with the viewer ratings sky-rocketing would be happy with a sensation judgmental turnaround of amazement. After picking up my jaw from  the floor and grasping for air some other judge would ask some questions. Basic things like;

what’s your name?
(Jessica Williamson)

how young are you?

Where are you from?

And most importantly who are you?
(Self taught musician, pianist, remixer, songwriter & composer)

How long have you been doing music?
(Started playing piano in 2008, remixing in 2010, making my own music since 2013 with apple’s GarageBand and since spring 2014 with Logic Pro.)

The audience will clap and roar after each question would have been answered correctly and than it would be the time for me or the other judges to say something about what we just have heard. I think I would say something like ‘wow, Jessica you are the surprise act of this episode of the talent show. Your song ‘Resurgence’ made me fly through a sky full of butterflies, sparkling stars and tiny unicorns.
I love how you let your fingers slide over to piano keys and create this fairytale sweetness that normally only appears in dreams of absolute bliss. I love how you brought in the melodies done with a chopped vocal, it simply gave the whole angelic experience a pleasurable extra sparkling sparkle’.
After that I will vote for Jessica Williamson to hopefully end up in the final in Vegas. (Because all talent shows end up in Vegas..)
But lucky for Jessica Williamson, this is not a talent show and this is just another review on Yeah I Know It Sucks. Dear readers, you might now go to the next round by clicking on the following link:

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