Pushing Task – Royal Regicide

unnamedArtist: Pushing Task
Title: Royal Regicide
Cat: 4m@103
Keywords: experimental, tape, glitch, lobit
Label: 4m@ records http://www.proc-records.net/INDEX2.html

Pushing Task pushing the boundaries of listenable oddness. With the two tracks called ‘Royal’ and ‘Regicide’ the project introduces the listeners to what feels like ‘sounds of old movies’ featuring probably sing and dance in colorless black & white. I could be wrong, it might be in color after all this is audio that we are hearing.

They might be not even movies, but maybe the Merry little songs that you can hear with old cartoons.. There is a lot of hopeless guessing, but there are for now no answers other than that the artist not just simply recorded these soundtracks and claimed them as it’s own; but everything that you hear is getting mangled, manipulated, triggered, slowed down, speeded up and slightly stretched and f#cked.

It might be done with a tape recorder, or something that keeps ultimate hand control (a turntable?) for the artist to generate slapstick-ish moments in slow motion or high on speed. The results are fun if you don’t take things so seriously, and are into hearing things played in a matter that you normally wouldn’t get to hear it. In either way, this ‘Royal Regicide’ by Pushing Task is available for free and downloadable in just a matter of seconds (depending on your internet connection). Geeeeeeee e e t itt oh oh oooo ver heheheheeeee re if you want: (sorry someone was manipulation the review..)

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1 Response to Pushing Task – Royal Regicide

  1. Linda says:

    Meh, I’d be in for all kinds of experimental music, but this one got me straight stressed out. Leave that fuckin’ knob alone!! Pick your channel…..
    OK, so isn’t it all about triggering your softspots…. nah, don;t want to be tickled like that. 😦 (ok a bit stressed out from work too, going back to the arctics now)

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