REISEBURO86 – years of the reign

Title: years of the reign
Cat: Petroglyph236
Keywords: experimental, noise, ambient
label: Petroglyph

The fingers and feet are trembling from excitement and being a bit nervous. It’s not a normal day as today we are traveling on a completely new audio tour organized by the best alternative traveling agency REISEBURO86. Where will the surprise trip take us you might wonder, and out of all places you can imagine; I bet you had no idea to follow ‘Normal Gergely’ (your creative tour guide) to a sheep examination. Under the warm comfort of woolly music we are surrounded by a selection of sheep that parade while a static rhythm salutes their little legs. If they are passing through the exam they will end up all beautifully done with curly hair and the involvement of a hair dryer. The ones that fail might be shaved and end up as a sheep burger. As tourist this is probably out of all places the unexpected one to visit, but it’s rather good entertainment if you are into the sheep version of miss universe.

Than the tour goes forward as we take the industrial speedy train accompanied with more sheep. The wagon we travel in is like a rave machine, quite dark and energetic sporadic flashy lights lighting up to reveal sheep and goats raving together. Do we as audio tourists feel the urge of joining them? A melancholic purple painted corner chicken plays a melancholic melody and the train speeds up. Hold on tight as we are moving on!

Next destination is a visit to a massive stadium filled up with the sound of mass clapping while our very own traveling agency guide performs on stage a mix of sheep friendly melody and the finer artifacts of playing gas burners in order to get the crowd static in a mind controlling noise of sweetness. After an intense moment of drips of sheep blood, our tour organization REISEBURO86 sets up a spectacular final.

It is not all glitter and glam and mass entertainment, as the next stop is to the factory of failed sheep that not passed the examination. Here we can see them re-studying, eating better food, turning around in a microwave a polishing their nails.
Music is provided through tiny speakers of the building and it feels a bit like being in sober communist state.

It’s time to end our travel organized by REISEBURO86, but like every tourist we want to go home with a good memory to tell our friends and family about our little audio escape. Luckily we get to share the race wagon back home with a small kid that picks up a microphone and sings for us a goodbye song.

Book your alternative audio trip with REISEBURO86 over here:

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3 Responses to REISEBURO86 – years of the reign

  1. psst.. Linda! It's Alex... shhshshrrrbloop says:

    Oh, um, hi… uh. We, er, me and Karel were wondering if you wouldn’t mind writing expert professional commentary as Linda, or yourself, for a split album we’re putting together for the third Toxic Chicken NES game? 😛

    • Linda says:

      Sure, me, Linda, myself and I, won’t mind giving it a try. Do I have to play the game in order to listen to the music? 😀
      I’m going to be offline soon until the second week of July, would that be still in time? Otherwise you’d have to put it on for this weekend, which might be a bit of a tight schedule…

      Super curious now!! (holding back all my silly remarks for expert professional written commentary… oi!)

  2. kainobuko says:

    Hi Linda, awesome! I think it will be fine when you come back. We are kind of lazy at the moment.
    Will miss you in your absence, and can tell you that we all look forward to your return. 🙂

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