Knolios – Amorous

Artist: Knolios
title: Amorous
keywords: experimental, idm, abstract, electronic, lo-fi
label: Pic Pac

Something is brewing as a truck driver passes by in the background. Out on the foreground we encounter the steamy hotness of a new arrived rhythm coming from ‘The Too Shall Pass’. Before knowing it, the artist plugs into the trippy brain sectors and fills it up with lightweight smog and dub artifacts, the lightweight rhythmical progression sounds more and more space out as it starts to sing a life on its own. When only soft crackles are left with the cloudy smog sounds the end of this track had been reached.

Do not worry as the artist provided another one for your minimal techno enjoyment. We can tick along with a steady high-hat when soft foggy melodies float around to camouflage the small farting bass sounds. ‘Light rat’ is a friendly lightweight experience that keeps everything polite in a trip atmosphere.

‘Melancholy’ keeps the dub-ish elements and adds a choir with the ambient. The soft repetitive ticks are like a yellow road trafficking us through the minimal wonderland. Good music for consuming mind expanding fumes, or just for chilling out in the third dimension.

The last track ‘amorous’ starts with the riddling rattles that slowly transform in to a groovy groove. More light beams in the form of ambient are provided and when the sky is opening and an angelic voice floats it’s way in the music; all we can do is being aroused by the music. Let it stroke you on your favorite places and make your spastic movements with a peaceful smile upon your face. This might be the end of this release, but don’t let it go by without providing the long lasting session of love. Let the friendly animal spirit takes over your senses and massages the sensuality over at the following link:

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