BOOM! – BOOM! Singles (SPBP001)

BOOM! - BOOM! Singles

BOOM! … Ah, sorry, didn’t mean to startle you! I was merely trying to tell you that this was the album cover for the BOOM! Singles. In the artwork, we see the King standing in a parlor of wood, in which are stored mysterious liquors… possibly poisons, for the elimination of the Burgess’ political rivals. Most puzzling, are what are either letters forming the word BOOM! or a partly translucent wraith of lavender appearing just to the left of our Burgermeister. Frightening!

Artist: BOOM!
Title: BOOM! Singles
Label: Slop Bop Records
Cat#: SPBP001
Keywords: Rock & Roll, Garage, Pop
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hello, and welcome to another one of these weird things!

I know I’ve been lax on the review-writing lately… and you probably think I’m just becoming lazy, but… it’s not true. You see, a dog ate my keyboard.

And then I was abducted by aliens.

But, I’m back and probably fine, and so I can’t wait to share with you this stuff I’ve found!

In this specific case, the BOOM! Singles. There are just two of them… it feels, really, like there should be many more.

The first is ‘I Fucked, But I Loved’, which starts with some fuzzy guitar noise, then drums crash in! It’s pretty and lo-fi, with lovely harsh frequencies banging against my ear drums. I feel hungover… or like I’m trying to sleep on a really uncomfortable surface, like kitchen linoleum, but it’s like, I’m in a good mood so it doesn’t matter.

The best of the singles, though, is ‘Another Point Of View’, with it’s crisp lo-fi airs and pop-sensibility. It feels as if it’s a Summer Of Love, or a Summer of imagined Love… or a Summer of no Love, a Summer of crying because Love stinks. Maybe it’s not even Summer, it could be Spring. It’s definitely something… and I Love it!

Music is happiness, I think, so maximize yours by downloading these singles and playing them as loud as possible! Here’s a link:

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