Hoodie Woody Freaky – Self Titled

Artist: Hoodie Woody Freaky
title: Self Titled
cat: K30_004
keywords: pop, acoustronica, Indonesia
label KANAL 30 Netlabel
reviewer: Willem van O.

Hooray for Hoodie Woody Freaky and the Hoodie Woody Freaky’s self-titled release! It starts with ‘Artisan Of Sweat’ which sounds like well-produced fun with a nice uptempo happiness, lightweight melody and warm vocals and even some nice accenting mouth drumrolls. It came into my ears as a bit of a surprise as with a name like ‘Hoodie Woody Freaky’ I was expecting something more crazy, random, warm and cuckoo; but instead it was almost like a happy go lucky noncommercial brother of Bruno Mars popped over to bring and sing some energetic lightweight summer music.

But saying this is a bit redundant as I feel that Hoody Woody Freaky’ is much more a identity on its own and  that it’s perhaps not good to throw in names like a ‘Mars’ or a ‘Beck’ as this is pretty much a new refreshing thing.

Perhaps its the lack of a drumkit but I am seriously digging the rhythmic beats produced by the mouth and the whole style of uptempo funky freakiness that each song contains. They are all quite short or just entertaining enough that they zoom by so quickly, but it sure is a good showcase of talent by Hoody Woody Freaky.

When ‘Artisan Of Sweat’ and ‘Mr. Truba’ are playing it is difficult not to be hyped up, but do not worry if you are running out of breath as the third track ‘Lagu Tidur’ is a calm cute and somehow natural sounding ballad with guitar, glockenspiel and a little breeze as the comforting backdrop music. The voice of Hoody Woody Freaky sounds very into it and sincere, like he has been walking around in a Forrest and singing a tribute to the leaves.

The last song ‘pentagon’ gives a positive light to the pentagon by making us all dance happy on friendly vibes provided by joyful guitar strings and happy go lucky sounding vocals. The mouth drums
are also available here and with this knowledge and appropriate enthusiasm I place a link for further self-exploration:

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