Elektro Flux – On My Own Way

Artist: Elektro Flux
title: On My Own way
cat: FreeQ030
keywords: eletronic
label: Quantum Bit

Did you ever hear of Elektro Flux?
Will it sound fluxurious? Will it be able to give us enough elektro to empower dying light bulbs? Is the brand ‘Elektro Flux’ strong enough to get over-weight hamburger eaters off their behinds for a most needed dance session?

First things first: yes, this release sound fluxurious. Electronic fluxuriousness sound is what this is all about.
I’m sure there is enough electricity in these tunes to get the dying light bulbs significant time to refrain from switching off, and about if Elektro Flux get the hamburger enthusiastic over heavy friends off their asses for a dance scene… I

…it depends probably on the individual really.
I mean some hamburgers are just so addictive that they can’t loosen up the grip they have on their users.
Besides that this music might also be excellent to sit back delightfully and eat that burger with a funky cybernetic funk style. I mean ‘A New Place’ isn’t sounding like an all mass product but more made by and for special individuals in any size or shape. It is mainly a track featuring robotic vocals that attempt to speak with socks in their mouths. Perhaps no socks, but I couldn’t find a better metaphor to describe it. My honest and sincerest excuses if you had your hopes up. The music around is is oiled up chilling out kind of material that every robotoid would approve off.

But where the start of this release was good for nibbling food at a bar with robots trying to get our attention, the ‘error 51 (remix)’ simply sets the place shortly in a mechanic moving form that might be called ‘dancing’. We forget for a moment the hamburgers and body sizes as the electric minimalistic funk hops in quickly. It is rather slick as it passes by but is smart enough to get the asses out of their comfortable sitting status for a mechanic way of shaking the booty.

But the best had still to come as the third track on this release ‘Elektro Flux Song’ is definitely the groovy musical highlight on this release. It comes with a happy menacing fun rolling electro groove and funkadelicness that is uber delicious. A guitar is giving the mechanic sound of Elektro Flux a human touch and all together makes this track into a pleasant anthem that features the artist name frequently so you might not forget to who’s music you are showing off your spastic dance skills.

It might be that Elektro Flux just gave us some relaxing time in the beginning of this release to finish our burger (or vegetable salad if you aren’t into burgers) , or just is an artist that is polite by giving our ears a proper foreplay before introducing us to the real sexy action of electro funkiness. But the last tune is probably the most edgy in its freakiness, it wobbles nicely as an eccentric robotic fellow that knows how to give the best for last!

Forget burgers and get into Elektro Flux’s fluxurious’s ‘Own Way’ over at the following link:

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