Fecal Fetal – Mechanisms of the Hissing Field

aartist: Fecal Fetal
title: Mechanisms of the Hissing Field
cat: FCK 004
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: experimental
label: Floppy Kick

Floppy Kick keeps kicking ass with it’s expending roster of excellent releases by surprising artists.
One of those special talented audio creators is ‘Fecal Fetal’, bringing a lengthy sound experience that is quite different than most of the other ass kickers coming out of the Floppy Kick stable. Fecal Fetal is not the aggressor here but instead is bringing experimental material that is more calm and calculated; something that makes you want to go and sit back and observe the whole audio content as it is flying into your ears.

This is not your average audio experience that you and your ears are facing, but it takes time and understanding to really captivate what it is that is actually presented within this release. At first glance there is this glorified introduction of a simple melody that gives the audio explorers a warm welcome before feeding us some abstract clutter.
It feels to my ears as this clutter is generated by the mouth and some kind of vocoder. There are no words spoken but it comes across as human made noises that slowly meet warm tones of soft ambient.

The little noises riddle along while the track on itself start to breath until a clunky rhythm forms that takes our special ears through different chapters. It is here where we have a reunion with the melody that we had met at the beginning of this adventure. It takes us on a special tour covering a special message spoken by the artist in the English language. It feels like poetic wisdom that smells like a secret that is only spoken for anyone lucky enough to be able to have laid its hands on this specific floppy diskette. Oh, yes that’s right! More stuff to think about!

This optional sound trip is only available on the official floppy format, which makes this release even more eccentric than it already is sound wise. Add that it’s also brought out in to the world as a very limited edition and your hands will start to shake and this symptom can only be stopped by getting this product in your collection.
Refrain from shaking and move yourself over to the Floppy Kick floppy label and order this Finlandish experimental sound adventure before it is too late:

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