Kikiriki – Kikiriki EP

artist: Kikiriki
title: Kikiriki EP
keywords: experimental, doomtree, freestyle, noise

Yesterday it was Friday the 13th, a day of bad luck that had also reached the work-floor of Yeah I Know It Sucks. One of the unpaid employees wrote a gigantic review for Kikiriki, but just before it could be published out in the open I had stepped on a banana peel, slipping over and ended on the big ‘delete’ button by pure accident. The unpaid employee was upset and hysterical when noticing that the ground breaking review had be erased and the technical engineers where too dumb to retrieve it. I managed to see a quick preview before it faded away from the screen never to be seen again and let me tell you; it was a great article!

It was talking about Kikiriki as if it was a bird. You know not the human one, but a bird with feathers, a beak and probably wings too. The review was mumbling away about comparing the now extinct Dodo with this Kikiriki bird, as if the unpaid employee was an expert in curious rare forms of bird languages.
And I must admit that the conclusions that the writer of the now vanished article had noted down where quite impressive; talking about how each track was a recording of a different call of the Kikiriki bird. Going through chatty episodes of electronic bird sounds that went from a call for food to still the Kikiriki bird stomach, the imitation of a train crossing sound the Kikiriki bird way, the squeaking sound of the Kikiriki when being slightly grumpy but than changing the style in to a cheerful ask and answer choir of a Kikiriki melody.

This was all written in colors and had multiple illustrative drawings to make  this review one truly standing out of all the others. But as I deleted it by the possible interference of pure bad luck, I hereby apologize deeply for falling accidentally on the delete button which makes it one not available for your eyes to read. You can not read the review but I still hope that you are able to trust my word that the Kikiriki bird description inside the review was accurate and spectacular. I really hope that even without reading the deleted review, that you would still have the courage enough to meet the sounds of the Kikiriki at the link at the bottom of this lengthy apology. Once again, excuses and sorry for slipping over a banana peel. Here is (as promised) the link to the Kikiriki release:

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