Sangduen ‘Lek’ Chailert – Tai Rom Malalee

eleartist: Sangduen ‘Lek’ Chailert
title:  Tai Rom Malalee
keywords: elephant lullaby

The search for sleeping pills, tranquilizers or strong sedatives is over. Now we all can fall asleep through a harmless natural way with the help of a video capturing the song sang by Lek.
She is a woman who sings a lullaby in such a beautiful dreamy way that it is simply strong enough to put any elephant to sleep. The gentle singing woman works in the elephant nature park in Chiang Mai’s Mea Tang district in Thailand, where she sings to the elephants to forget their pains and sorrow and exchange it with love and happiness.
If it might work for the big elephants, it might also be working out for anyone else with a sleeping / psychological health problem.
Hear the snoring elephant and Lek’s magical voice over in the following video: (be careful, you too might fall into a deep sleep..)


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2 Responses to Sangduen ‘Lek’ Chailert – Tai Rom Malalee

  1. Linda says:

    I had some handicapped goldfish. Unfortunately I had to put them to sleep; the situation wasn’t improving and it was too much care for the petsitting neighbor when I went to holidays “ah yes, here’s the food, don;t feed too much. Maybe they die, then you have to take them out of the water as soon as possible. And I hope the water will stay good enough for thee weeks but in case the fish look unhappier, you might be good doing a water change. Like, here’s a bucket and a tube and…..” yadda yadda. Taking them out was an emotional speedbump for sure, especially after taking so much care. Like, you’re giving up stuff. You failed and shit. And believe me, goldfish àre fun animals. They’re the piggies among the fish. Literally.

    Anyhow, I did sing to my fish too, like that’s the little bit or other interaction besides running from left to right seeing them watch you with their eyes (they couldn’t swim anymore) or touching the glass so it heats up locally. I’m a bad singer and don’t have a very big repertoire but they did respond to my off-tune “little drummer boy”. Especially when it was very off-tune. Must be horrible for a fish: having perfect hearing but never being able to yell out “SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH, YOU CAN”T SING AND I’M TOTALLY THROUGH WITH THIS!!”.
    I’ll try to sooth my brain by telling that taking them out was better than singing to them….

    Oh yeah, I’m back online and I’m going to try to catch up from the past three weeks. But not too fast because I got more to catch up too and not so much time for comments (yet).

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