you’re the worst 2393 – 0-90 aaatlantic ocean

cover(1)artist: you’re the worst 2393
title: 0-90 aaatlantic ocean
keywords: lobit, drone, ambient

you’re the worst 2393 is one of these artist that had slipped from away from the upper ground to be found even deeper than the international underground scene. Deep down in the community audio part of I found a release by this artist so obscure that it was only downloaded 11 times. This must have been either a case of bad promotion, no promotion or just dumped on the server intended as a hidden hiding place never to face the surface ever again. Unfortunately we from Yeah I know It Sucks love these kind of neglected goodies. We brought the piece to the upper crust and dragged it upon the examination table for all to see and read and quite possible hear as well.

The release is called ‘0-90 aaatlantic ocean’ and contains four lobit tracks. At first sight they seem to be originally recorded in the flac format, but for some reason deliciously encoded as popular mp3’s. The first track ‘she’s wearing the American flag as a dress’ makes me think why on earth this had been hidden so well. The music in this track is very warm and drowsy, perfect for a midsummer dream that has a soothing outcome on my mood as a listener. I really think that anyone in need for warm lobit drone/ambient work would appreciate this peace tremendously.

Track two ‘going to the west’ is another track that should be heard and enjoyed by at least a bunch of people more than what it has reached now. It is slightly noisier but it fits it’s title as it made me think of the soft breeze of a ghost town somewhere along the road of the west. It isn’t ghostly but still very warm and pleasant in atmosphere. It is really nice minimal ambient which takes great advantage of the positive side effects of the low-bit rate.

The track ‘you’re the worst’ is exactly what lovers of this genre would love and adore. There is the soft crust crackling around the edges while deep warm low undertones will drag the listener into a depth that is calming as well as non disturbing. This is probably the reason why this release was hidden so deep in underground land, as the main track is one of these precious things that are just not dropped for everyone to enjoy, but more for the types that do research and find unexpected surprises after digging long enough with a shovel.

The last track ‘0-90 Atlantic ocean’ brings a perfect state of warm sound to the ears that rings in superb combination with the extra sound the so called dataloss gives to the ambience. What can I say? I am surprised that this release was buried so deeply, but nonetheless extremely happy to present you like the X on a pirate map, the link to get this peaceful goody:

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