thorsten sourißeaux & Irrlicht project – floppy jam

[4m@068]-00-thorsten_souriแeaux_&_irrlicht_project_-_Cover_AArtist: thorsten sourißeaux & Irrlicht project
Title: floppy jam
Cat: 4m@068
Keywords: lobit, experimental, Lo-fi, jam,
Label: 4m@records

Irrlicht Project and thorsten sourißeaux have found each-other and are forming a perfect team for a fun audio improvisation to fill up the size of an authentic digital floppy. The two start with what sounds like beating and rhythmically drumming on a wooden desk that sounds joyful and happy. The jam start to feel more like a happy electric hippy zone when a distorted synth organ thing is jamming out along the table tennis chopstick rhythms.

It all makes me smile as the tempo seems to be speeding up and starts to flow in the veins giving it a great feeling of excitement and energy. This jam is organic, tight, happy hot and smokey. Good material if you want something that captures the feeling of a stripped down doors session with the pure essentials drowned in a perfect crunchy sound of lofi lobit stoner expression. Feel good and enjoy this happy floppy jam:

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