Fortier – someday i’ll be as weird as you

artist: Fortier
title: someday i’ll be as weird as you
keywords: experimental, blues experimental, folk, lo-fi, shit, Denver

If you are a freak, a weirdo or any other an non categorizable individual and you are suddenly exposed to the innocence of children related to you; either being it nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters or perhaps a child of your own: you always hope the best for them and that they grow up like happy characters with a funny offbeat mind of their own. In other words; you hope that one day the kid will drop a line like the album title of this release: ‘someday I’ll be as weird as you.’

Maybe to help to gain that phase it might help to create a bond and to have something in common. Perhaps listening together to the sweet songs on this fine oddity made by a warm and sincere sounding Fortier. It covers songs in a hippy-esque sound that would probably appeal to the imaginative mind of the young and the so called more grown up chilling weirdo’s.

It sounds cozy, sometimes almost as it has been performed in a hay stack with a rather large sunflower hat on the band members head to give it the extra dose of charm to convince you to place yourself on Fortier’s lap and enjoy the soothing songs long enough to make you wanna say ‘someday I’ll be as weird as you’.

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