Earth Girls – Earth Girls

Artist: Earth Girls
Title: Earth Girls
cat: SAR_111
keywords: pop, punk, garage, indie rock, powerpop, female vocal
label: StoneAge Records

Do not forget about the earth, girls. It is one of these things that should be on our number one list to protect and cherish.

Do not forget about the earth, guys. If there was no earth and you aren’t reading this somewhere in outer space; than you probably didn’t even exist.

Do not forget about the earth, people. Do acknowledge that we depend more on the earth than a connection to the internet or anything else. The earth is important as it contains all our resources, our lovers and haters and not in the least it hosts the Earth Girls.

Yes guys and girls; the Earth Girls!

I wasn’t aware of them or they simple had slipped my conscious mind somewhere to be forgotten and to be fade away on a layer of dirt; but now as they popped up, I squeeze out some words here to make sure never to forget about the earth’s Earth Girls.

For some reason the lack of a picture of the Earth Girls turns them into a group of girls with pieces of earth diet all over their faces and their feet dancing in a muddy earth layer. They are probably a big fan of natural non-harming products as they have their best intentions conserving the earth. In my imagination they are a bit like super hero’s hugging tree’s, kissing birds and cherishing all earthly things.

They do not care about Mars or Jupiter, but there are probably other super groups out there protecting their rights in the galaxy. Perhaps that would be the original task for the Galaxy Girls? But please do forget about the galaxy, people. It is already hard enough to focus on the earth and it’s Earth Girls.

I try and do my best to make this write-up saucy enough, so you never forget about the good intentions of the Earth Girls. I have no idea if it works for you, but it seems to work for me.

Next to all the things the Earth Girls do that I honestly have no real clue about; is that these Earth Girls make music. Music’ boys and girls, do not forget that without the earth there would be no boys or girls and certainly no music. Yeah I Know that would suck, right?

But as the earth is still here and you are still reading complete gibberish that drags on without saying a lot over the Earth and it’s fine Earth Girls; all will be fine as there is nothing to be worried about. The Earth Girls are here to stay, especially their single that they left around on the earth for anyone to pick up in need of the Earth Girls.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the track of the Earth Girls and that’s possibly the main reason why the words of nonsense so freely roams around within this post. I don’t know why on earth the ‘earth Girls’ single reminded me of this Ladytron band… It is nothing like it, but perhaps the connection was made because ladies and girls are somehow related? Or it might just the way of how the vocals sound a bit hazy daisy?

It is more noisier and automatically more punky. It’s the Earth Girls doing the song ‘Earth Girls’, what else can there be said? If you love the earth and girls, you might love this output too.

It is a free download which just made me think that the Earth Girls didn’t forget about your empty wallet too. I think the Earth Girls are sounding nice, so be nice to them and the earth & perhaps check out their free single over here:

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