Simon Slator – Philharmony

artist: Simon Slator
title: Philharmony
cat: waag_rel053
keywords: ambient, longform
label: We Are All Ghosts

I have to admit that I certainly enjoy checking out Simon Slator. Not so much as a real life encounter observing the artist and writer from head to toe (or toe to head) , but more as in actually checking out what Simon Slator has been up too in his music department.

Today my ears got a warm bath of deep soothing layers produced by this producer. It was a most welcoming audio experience that to me felt like bordering some state of mind that has some drama but deluded it with enough pretty calmness that it isn’t a heavy thing to carry around on the shoulders, but actually more like a tiger Balsam bringing a cool relief under warm circumstances.

The more this work by Simon Slator goes on, the more it opens up and grows like a blue flower made out of velvet tears. It is as experiencing a piece of fantasy with dancing mermaids interlocking their tails high up in the deep blue sky while greeting soft floating clouds politely.

I don’t know if this all makes sense to the dear readers, but it would probably make sense to the listeners of this release by Simon Slator. It just makes me soppy and emotional but also slightly out of this world, bordering some poetic fantasyland that takes me by the hand and tells me to ‘take it easy’, ‘not to worry’ and ‘let it all go’.

I guess Simon Slator’s love letter to long form drone is a work that captured a highly emotional zone, perfect for finding some harmony and stability in a life that is messy enough not to provide enough time to think everything over.

To be honest; the longer Simon Slator’s Philharmony works it’s magic on my ears, the more I feel like holding on to a teddy bear and let the salty tears flow. Crying my eyes dry in the search for the secret of the creation of blue flowers made by velvet tears. Peeking with small eyes in the sky in the hope to actually see these mermaids twirling their tales. They ain’t there’ which adds another dramatic tone to the session, but by closing the eyes you can see them waving you goodbye while checking you out from head to toe (or toe to head).

It’s like a loop; when the effect of the soothing tiger balsam fades away, Simon Slator applies another layer on your shoulders. It never seems to stop which should give each listener enough time to soak that teddy bear with self produced salt water. There don’t need to be a good reason to do so, it might just be the ambient strings of Simon Slator that are the ‘bad guys’ responsible for turning its listeners into salty waterfall producers. But it is a relieving experience, a moment of the moment that is available to clean up and empty yourself, before facing the rest of the day or night activities.

In other words; Checking out the music of Simon Slator is not just something you do quickly. It is at every encounter some kind of challenge encountering some kind of action of the listener’s part. Either it being outside in the garden helping the plants to survive for a heatwave,
remembering Roald Amundsen with a walk in the snow and Ice of the Antarctic or (with this release) crying because of beauty. What will be next? Perhaps a link;

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  1. simoncslator says:

    Many thanks for the review 🙂

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