tlick – While i

artist: tlick
title: While i
cat: MBR-114
keywords: lobit, electronic, techno,  low-bit, 32 kbps
label: Microbit Records

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
It’s While..
while, who?
While i.

While i by tlick has been knocking on our door. The door knocks sounding a bit like a muffled sponge because of the flexibility of the lobit material it was made off. When the knocking fist flew through the door like a soft cheddar cheese the real tension entered freely through our premisses. What was this tlick‘s While i up too? It was definitely in a industrial kind of mood and started to buzz up the place like it had been spraying the place with instant caffeine coming from a big bucket of strong espresso. Luckily the building and it’s fundamentals are strong enough to absorb the lobit liquids and strong hyper feelings that ‘While I’ was pumping around rather unexpectedly. But as like a small sized espresso, the large vaporized bucked of industrialized lobit hype went out of order quite quickly. Probably all flown out of the window or quickly absorbed by the sweating employees on our work floor. In other words ‘While i’ knocked two times, hyped the place up and than left quickly without leaving a trace behind. Was it any good? Well I don’t know really. Perhaps you can check it out for yourself ‘While I’ think about it…

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