Emerge feat. Don Vomp – retention

Artist: Emerge feat. Don Vomp
title: retention
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, violin, noise,
label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/

Emerge featuring Don Vomp is like ice featuring cream; a perfect match and a great catch. The two artists teamed up together and performed a set that kept the concert goers occupied for at least 46 minutes. And now you can semi relive this performance as the attenuation circuit record label has recorded the audio output and released it on CDr packed in a jewel DVD-case (also available as digital download for screen glued hipsters).

Talking about glue; emerge and Don Vomp are super tight with their ideas and concept. Both of them are bringing out the experimental side of the beloved instrument called the ‘violin’. You might have heard of this instrument before, or perhaps it had reached your ears without even fully knowing what it was what your ears had picked up..

But to be fair Emerge and Don Vomp are not two runaway members of an orchestra, going for a traditional violin concerto as a duo on the road; these two artist are of a modern kind, abolishing traditional violin rules by feeding it electricity. Don Vomp plays the electronic version of the violin while Emerge is serving processed violin sounds in the shape of samples.

The result of these two modern day violin players are unlike any other violin based concert, but surely know how to capture a dark and mysterious theme that should be appreciated even by die-hard close minded violin traditionalists. It’s a high form of avant-garde art so to speak, something that shows that a violin doesn’t sound outdated and is a useful instrument for the past, the modern days and deep in the experimental dreams of the future!

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