Parenthetical Girls – (((GRRRLS)))

artist: Parenthetical Girls
title: (((GRRRLS)))
keywords: pop, experimental, indie,
reviewer: Willem van O.

Parenthetical Girls is sounding by definition not like all the other girls.
Upon going to the official bandcamp page of Parenthetical Girls you might feel nicely surrounded by well made covers for it’s pretty releases. The artwork for this album called ‘(((GRRRLS))’ is also pretty in pink and strange enough fits the actual music behind it.
2 x 7 + 1 tracks of experimental toy-ish indie pop with sweet male vocals in a sing & songwriter style.

It is one of these albums that are difficult to say sensible things about,
also nonsense is a ‘no go’. I might give it a try, but I don’t know how to start and how it will end. It has a toytronic feeling that isn’t afraid to do something new, although the content in itself comes to me across as sweet like a sugar cane with additional honey.
I presume this album is not everyone’s taste, or deserves a special mood to be appreciated.

I mean it can function as a woolen blanket for winter days to wrap around the shoulder and cuddle up under with a cat.  The music on this album made me think a bit of the Icelandic band ‘múm’, but than with a indie twist brought mostly through the expressions of the vocals. If you want something sweet that fits with eating a cupcake, or just feel like wearing a pajama all day and need some sweetener to throw in your life, than this might be a healthy solution:

p.s. at this moment of time, this record is a bit too sweet for my personal appetite,
but as with ‘marmite’ it is up to you if want to eat it, or you leave it..
(for someone else to eat it?).
Did I already mention that it was sweet? I fall in love with the artwork, though!
I’m off to the Harsh Noise section ❤

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