The Ink Twins – Apple Of My Eye

Artist: The Ink Twins
Title: Apple Of My Eye
Keywords: rock, alternative, indie,
Reviewer: Elly Xaturate

The Queens Of The Stone Age can go back to the Stone Age. The Smashing Punpkins can go retire in the fields to smash more pumpkins and the Arctic Monkeys can finally emigrate to the arctic. Even the Bee Gee’s can refrain from Stayin’ Alive. We wish them all the best and hope they all have enjoyed their time in the spotlight and are ready for a well-deserved retirement. They paved the way, but now are simply no longer needed.

Don’t thank me, but please do thank the Russian band The Ink Twins. They simply bring relief to those tired bands as they pop up all the way from Russia with love to bring fresh blood and energy to the alternative indie rock scene.  Does an alternative indie rock scene actually exist? If so it might too not be necessarily anymore as The Ink Twins will be working hard enough to make all other bands bathing in this genre simple redundant.

Still there is no need to hurry for these bands to pack their bags and leave abruptly as The Ink Twins will take over the hard rock market on 28th of May 2014 and that gives every act, band or fan enough time to adjust their taste and get ready to stop what they have been doing and roll out the red carpet for The Ink Twins.

Once the carpet is rolled out; Nikita Batyaev (guitar player, vocalist, lyric writer, VST expert), drummer Denis Ivanov, Alexandr Nikiforov (bassist, mixer and master of the mastering) and Anastasia Timofeeva (the manager of The Ink Twins) will walk their indie feet all over it. They have brought a single with them which is called ‘Apple Of My Eye’ that features the song ‘Apple Of My Eye’ and another tune called ‘ocean’.

Two songs are enough to leave their mark upon the world. All indie alternative rock bands can go home as The Ink Twins will occupy every corner that once belong to other bands. And this is only the beginning! Because with the massive impact that this launch of this double single will have, it won’t be all too long before The Ink Twins will drop their album. An album that probably go down in history as an album that was so good that it will make all other albums previously released in this genre look like pieces of nothing.

It is time for Russia’s The Ink Twins conquering the planet, infiltrating the indie top tens around the world and erasing the memories of former bands that might had similarities in common, but are no match compared to The Ink Twins. The Ink Twins will use their ink to write themselves into history..
But now first things first; packing bags or waiting for the single to drop at its reserved destination over here:

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