chuckpersonseccojams – Relocated! [[ 煙 の 兄 弟 EP ]]

artist: chuckpersonseccojams
title: Relocated! [[ 煙 の 兄 弟 EP ]]
keywords: experimental, eccojams, vaporware, Wayland

It is always good to fall into a surprise, and unexpected twists along the day.
One of those things that feels like an unexpected surprise is this release by chuckpersonseccojams.
It was just entering my view when the boredom of normality wanted to strike like an atom bomb,
here it was with a joint smoking green leaf close to the window to let enough fresh air in for nonsmokers. But how did this release surprise me? It started off with a fabulous tune called ‘エコ煙雑草鈍プロバイダ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣HELL  CENTER’ which is name wise already a surprise gf its own, don’t you agree? But the music.. Oh the music! It’s like a smoked up blob singing smokey days while having a good times flying around near the ceiling. The last blobs and blips gives it the final touché that makes sure that the one and only chuckpersonseccojams is having a good (private) time over here.

The real unexpected surprise comes with the track called ‘iNTERMISSION : システム環境設定’. It goes from a world legendary windows sound into the extremity of loud space. It’s like Bill Gates comes out of the logo rather quickly and grabs you by the neck before launching you in the air rather roughly.

The responsible substance for this (according to the artist) more accessible album, is probably the green fluff called weed. Which affected a computer text to speech voice enough to riddle a riddle in the next shorty called ‘weedwave’.

It’s good to relax at the end from all the surprises and unexpected non expectations.
Luckily we can always go back to a place called the eighties, or at least a fraction of it.
Just sit back and smoke that puff while sinking in 11 minutes and 11 seconds of 法的, which is probably long enough in duration to trick even the non smoker’s mind in being as high as a squirrel in a tree.
Enjoy the surprises over here:

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