Lost Kadath – Monochromatic Regression (None)

Me, upon opening the package containing Monochrome Regression by Lost Kadath.

Me, upon opening the package containing Monochrome Regression by Lost Kadath.

Artist: Lost Kadath
Title: Monochromatic Regression
Label: Kalpamantra
Cat#: None
Keywords: Dark Ambient
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Today, I’d like to start reviewing all of the wonderful things people have sent to me in the real-world mail over the past several months! The things — tapes, CDs, press release materials, dangerous sharp objects, poop-crusted toilet papers — that I never got around to talking about, despite persistent sexual temptation. I’ll begin with the freshest and work backward through time, to the smelliest and most rotten…

For instance, I’ve just received this intriguing dark ambient album from Italian purveyors of gloom Lost Kadath! I was excited to open a disc tray again, it had been so long. As I pressed the [eject] button I heard cacophonous groans, a wooden lurching, a howl from deep within the inner recesses of the tower. I was met with a cloud of dust and dense, impenetrable cobwebs. I even saw a few bats, I think… or maybe they were just clever configurations of binary code.

I pressed onward, pressing in the disc, pressing play… pressing…

The first track! It was titled ‘Devoured Soul (Ouija Experience)’, and fittingly for an album of this kind, I was transported to an ancient crypt. A bit hot here… I’m reminded of that bizarre dimension from the film Phantasm, the one where the Jawa zombies were being manufactured. Sizzling, radionic frequencies emerge, interrupting the realism of the sonic space. I hear strange whispers… what are they saying? Are they lost, like I am, doomed as lifeless shades to haunt this vault of decay? It’s very windy, throughout… drafts like a gale everywhere, blasting in from all directions. The whispers shift and I’m suddenly detecting more characterized vocal patterns. It’s like a scene playing out. Just remember, it’s only a movie… after some time, the track begins its wane into minimalism, like a light is being lost in the darkness.

The next piece is titled ‘Ab_Stract 2.47’. Similarly, we come into a cavernous void, with a gradual cadence filling the space as if a martial drum were being struck in an abyss deep below the bedrock. After some time has passed, the space begins to be swallowed by melancholic horn arrangements with heavy reverb treatments, setting a depressive (and, decidedly, less abstract) mood.

‘Pernicious Existence’ takes us deeper into the labyrinth, with grinding gears and more heavy winds. A guttural, dense layer of bass is like the trembling of the walls around us, or a minotaur of the imagination. Low, reversed voices in the mix… I’m strongly reminded of Silent Hill. I say that probably every time I listen to a dark ambient album. Traces of sound are drawn… there are choir drones… then, peculiarly, a strange, vaporous flutter, recurring, like a menacing, otherworldly creature speaking into our ears.

The final piece is ‘Wreckage Of Neuronal Purification’, with it’s crackling atmosphere, long-drawn alienist church bells and hollow drones. It’s almost certainly a full moon in this place. Dead brush is being shaken, monstrous footsteps in sand. It’s very surreal, lurid, and manages best out of the pieces appearing on this work to complete its illusion, making it near-tangible.

If you’re looking for a good time, don’t take a chance on that phone number you found on the wall of the public toilets… just click the link below and get yourself a copy of this dark ambient masterpiece!

And, as an aside, this is the first thing I think I’ve heard from the label Kalpamantra, who seem to have quite an extensive catalog of interesting dark albums… probably worth delving into further!


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