Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh… – Split

aaaaaaaaArtists: Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh…
Title: Split
Cat:  FCKSPL 007
Format: Floppy Diskette
Keywords: experimental, ambient
Label: Floppy Kick

Shhh… Is a project covering anarchistic electronic post-industrial avant-garde experimental noise art-punk metal brokenbeat music made by an individual called Rui Bentes. That’s a mouthful of information perhaps, but it looks good on any curriculum vitae and of course in any ‘review’. What also looks good and is vital to bring up in this collection of words, is that Shhh… is operating from a country called Portugal. This might be a total coincidence or a well-made plan; but an exclusive track by this Shhh… has joined a track made by Ogata Tetsuo who is coming from the same country; making it almost like a pair of Portuguese ambassadors in floppy land.

To me this is special; it’s a country that we very rarely receive music from at our YIKIS offices, but have a great interest in. I have never been in Portugal but believe to know that the country has decriminalized the usage of all drugs, are cool with same sex marriages and all in all sounds like a pretty cool place to be. Add that Shhh… and Ogata Tetsuo are operating from there, and suddenly the land of Port Wine is on the top list of dream places to visit. Well, at least my dream list. (I’ll probably pack my realistic bags and visit it tonight in my sleep..)

But for now it is by far not the right time to go and fall asleep! It is now time to reveal a little bit more about the actual content that Ogata Tetsuo and Shhh… Created for this floppy split. Both are classified as bringing a form of experimental ambient for this occasion, and there is no need in denying that it is indeed relaxing, although don’t expect it to be a cookie version of Enya or random elevator music; this is something special!

I mean Ogata Tetsuo simply makes the world stop, when you are lucky enough to be able to listen to the ‘Elicoidal Sex’ track. It isn’t for everybody, as there are only 18 copies available of this split, but that fact makes this tune even more intimate, sensual and kinda twisted. it is so twisted that it probably will turn you on, as it plays around with your most sensitive pleasure spots by the non-intruding way of pure twirling the audio for a smooth but almost instant ear orgasm. Very curly, electric and swirly while it also passes by like a breath of air that somehow fingers us with delight. In other words; a difficult track to describe, but much easier and enjoyable to hear and listen.

Shhh…’s track is a perfect match to ‘ Elicoidal Sex’ as it almost seems to continue where the previous work had stopped. Now we can hear the sizzling experience of being sexually liberated, freed from all the tension in the private hormone ruled private parts. Here we can listen to the actual shuddering moment when the highlight comes and relief filled with bliss drips in a all relaxing ray of sunshine and happiness.

A successful track that triggers a video clip in my mind of sexually liberating city people all coming to a certain satisfaction while enjoying these two Portuguese experimental love tracks in their sub consciousness. The crown of ambient cum that splatters out from this floppy disc split is one that aims to please and does truly sound like a source for healthy relief and the finest form of city liberation.

What can I say more? It’s obvious that the work of these two artists are chemically connected together, and that listening to this is almost a more than arousing experience that should be sold like a stimulant reaching the pleasure centers of the brain to bring relief and a fine delight. Listening to these two tracks is like masturbation, once you start it’s impossible to stop..

This exclusive delight can be bought through the Floppy Kick label and is carefully placed on black floppy diskettes. To make the limited edition of 18 pieces even more special and personal it comes in six cover variations. 2 in tasty peach, 2 in toxic neon green, 2 in secure plain white, 2 in delicious stone-paper, 2 in glorious vintage ivory and 8 on healthy corn paper. All are hand numbered, so you can exactly trace back which one of the 18 pieces you have. It’s like the perfect exciting retro gift to give to yourself or a soon to be liberated loved one.  Get these gems from Portugal, through the Hungarian floppy label and experience pleasure like you haven’t experienced it before.

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