Postcode -This Day Will Come (video)

imagesartist: Postcode
title: This Day Will Come (video)
keywords: zebracore
label: Small Bear Records
reviewer: Zebra Ztalker

It may not be a good thing to admit, but I have something with zebra’s.
I like to stare at them, maybe even out stare them.
To satisfy this thing, I have to visit the zoo because that’s the only place close to home where I can find them. I stand next to the gate with binoculars all day long, so I can check them up from real, real close, but yet from a safe and sane distance.
I am sure not to be the only one who have a thing for zebra’s.

A band called Postcode has also a firm love for these distinctive black and white striped horse-like species. I read somewhere that they describe their music style as Zebracore, and even though I am not an expert in that genre, I am sure it is probably music that the zebras could relate to somehow.
Now this zebra friendly band is preparing their second album of the year, which is a news item that I will scream next time I visit my favorite striped African equids.

I hope they will react and run around in circles, so all the white and black stripes will be blurry in my binoculars, which is a great way of naturally tripping on psychedelic zebra patterns.
It is a bit of a wait perhaps for the album of the zebra loving band will drop and reach the zebras all over the world, but if they have internet and can connect to youtube, the zebras could find some entertainment by watching a music video for a song called ‘This Day Will Come’ (probably referring for the day that the promised zebracore album will come out..) It is directed by Venison Lamprey and is starring (I presume) the members of the Manx Zebracore band Postcode.

Of course there are references or small hints for their zebra fetish, just look at the stripes on the guitar, the print on the spaced out drummer his shirt, the sweet necklace of the voice of Postcode and the special zebra moves of some of the swinging Postcode members.
But is it zebracore enough to make the zebra’s happy and jolly (or at least bring some comfort?).
I hope so, because I’m going to visit them every day and play this song for them on repeat on a boom box,
to see their reaction if they appreciate it or not.
I’ll keep you up to date for the results!
Oh and here is the video in awaiting of the new Postcode album:

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