gvozdi gnilyh grobo – ĦƱŁƱD₦▲¥▲ ŁU₦▲ (raw shit SĦUR▲ cover) [single]

Artist: gvozdi gnilyh grobo
Title: ĦƱŁƱD₦▲¥▲ ŁU₦▲ (raw shit SĦUR▲ cover) [single]
Keywords: witch house, drug pop, dance pop
label: Angry Arnold Records http://vk.com/angry_arnold_records

Wiggle that ass and pretend to be Pluto the Disney dog, while walking rhythmically on all fours. Wave your tail happy around, maybe hold a samba shaker in your mouth and shake it real good; after all it’s a must have at every little private doggy party. Shake the hips, go around in circles, try to chase your own tail but whatever you do; please do it in the timing of this funky shit single. A good doggy samba shaker time will for sure give a new meaning to the phrase ‘doggy style’!
A strong raw shit single to let yourself go!
Let’s wiggle with gvozdi gnilyh grobo:

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