Hectic Head – Slim Gravy

Artist: Hectic Head
title: Slim Gravy
keywords: experimental

Study the mind by Hectic Head is preferred to be listened in a darkened room with perhaps a burning candle as a light, a bottle of wine and something soft to sit on. Please don’t sit on a cat, but find something more suitable for both your ass-cheeks to sink in. Hectic Head’s voice will come warm and yet dark and sings while studying your mind with the help of a song.
You might find yourself emptying the wine bottle rather quickly to feel safe and secure enough to know this is trustable. You have nothing to worry, Hectic Head is our and your friend and has only good intentions. Don’t mind if he scans the mind to find the taste of music that you are into.. Hectic Head proofs that his skills are here to please and make us comfortable. (At least in this release, he?)

You know that the scanning of the mind and drinking that bottle of wine was a good choice as ‘Drop the baseline’ flows in. An all-round satisfaction of calming muzzled Lo-fi noises that bring nothing but calmness and goodness.

Bliss will light my day’ is like an intimate moment of comfort and love  directed by break down music by our Hectic headed friend. It’s a friendly moment as the wine finally has kicked in for extra comfort and the voice is as relaxed and stable as possible.

The loveable moments of dirty-ness that has been installed in my mind by previous listening episodes of Hectic Head’s music makes a perfect reunion in his ‘Life is like dirt’ song. But it isn’t all dirty over here, Hectic Head also provides like a master of the yin and yang the total opposite with some great vocals.

More funky is the Lo-fi song about love that makes me think of dealing with an underground version of YouTube legend Tonetta. It is called ‘Girl my baby’ which is a title that is as intimate as the song sounds. There is a define sexuality captured here, and it is is grooving out happy and horny.

‘Everyday Is A Struggle’ is a great (almost) gangster like underground song that hits probably close to home for many artists and other outsider freaks living in this galaxy. It got a great beat, nicely muffled in with the vocals that are spreading words like they know what they are talking about. And I have no doubt that THEY know what Hectic Head is talking about. Am I sounding paranoid over here?

Hectic Head throws in another bliss and pearl with the last dope on this release! It got me hooked and dancing as this ‘Club Snuff’ features every ingredient in a perfect low fidelity of great dance music. It has the right piano riffs of the emo house days, the right ‘yeah’ vocal parts and enough twists to get the brain and the feet occupied with dancing in the dark all night long. Mind the cat and don’t stumble over the candle!
A great brilliant comeback album of one of my favorite underground music makers out there; Hectic Head! Download and check it out:

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