artist: LADYDOG
keywords: chill wave, experimental, house, new wave, techno, vaporware, dog

The horns are horning! They announce that the release of the day has arrived and it’s all about dogs!
Brought to you by the very stylish, beautiful and pretty LADYDOG!
If you don’t know about LADYDOG, than let the following artist information enlighten you:

LADYDOG is a project by Afghan Hound, a reclusive dog obsessed composer hailing from the slums of Valongo, where stray dogs rule the streets in a suburbian struggle for territorial dominance.

LADYDOG’s sounds are the result of hazy incursions on elecronic music, filled with barks and potent synth leads sculptured thinking with wide landscapes in mind, Trust us, you’re gonna want to listen to BITCH PLEASE.

The description of LADYDOG didn’t lie in any sense of the word, from beginning to the end of this release you will be enjoying the musical world of this well talented Afghan Hound.
LADYDOG barks the lyrics so gracefully and shows off a broad perspective of fine producer skills.
From the grand opening of ‘1000 dogs’ to the sunny aruba sound of the electric ‘Sunset by the kennel beach, to the absolutely fabulous bad ass bitch tune ‘Kingh Dog’! A work that will bitch slap you with hairy paws and the occasional ‘woofs’!
The last tune ‘Pitbull terrier dog (the warrior dog) is like a cool waved love song that after a intensive silence; gets to face the real aggressive side of the Pitbull! Got to love LADYDOG!
get ‘BITCH PLEASE’ over at the following link:

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  1. Alex Spalding says:

    This dog is talented!!!

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