Mr Pregnant – Manboobs

artist: Mr Pregnant
title: Manboobs
keywords: Pop, comedy

There was a time that I was active following a Mr Pregnant on youtube.
Mr. Pregnant is this big guy who likes to put in fake teeth and sometimes wears a pan on his head. I have never seen a video of him wearing something like a t-shirt, as he likes to give his man boobs the freedom they deserve. (although in some video’s he wears a bra!)

I have no idea what happened to Mr. Pregnant. The last video’s that I remember was of him going out in public, among people in the city.. It’s been a while and I had lost track and did not receive any new updates of this funny but slightly crazy character. He is hopefully doing alright somewhere on his planet.

To be honest, I forgot all about him. Even though he was in my book definitely one of those oddballs that you could wake me up for if a new Mr. Pregnant movie would be spotted. To rinse up my memory I strangely came across a legendary music video of Mr. Pregnant that stirred up my personal obsession once again.

I sincerely hope the original Mr. Pregnant is out there somewhere safe, healthy and fine. I really hope he reads this somehow so I can say ‘Respect’ for making me laugh and giggle. I hope Mr. Pregnant is alive and not in jail for publicly wearing pans as hats or hitting someone by accident with his boobs and getting sued for some stupid humorless shit. I really hope you are fine Mr. Pregnant!

But for now.. Stop all the sentimental crap and hold hands together while enjoying one of the hit songs by this entertaining genius that is Mr. Pregnant:


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