Nihilistic Delusion – Overthrown

Artist: Nihilistic Delusion
title: Overthrown
cat: Siro717
keywords: black noise
label: Sirona-Records

Look at the artwork of this Nihilistic Delusion release.. Isn’t that the shadow of Bart Simpson? For what I can make up he looks a bit taller, older and rougher; but a shadow likes to play games by showing things out of proportion, so it might be just another trick coming out of the bag of delusional illusions owned by this noisy artist.

What isn’t an illusion however is the so called ‘black-noise’ that this free release exists off. There are no lies, no miscommunications or faulty tagging considering this work. The noise is as black as black noise can be. Sorry if you were expecting rainbow colored noise, but trust me ‘rainbow-noise’ is out there, somewhere.. The noise here is probably generated by an electric growling guitar, but as it is very deep black noise, it is too dark to actually see which kind of instrument is responsible for this crunchy set of loudness. In fact it’s recommended to bring a flashlight when you are brave enough to go for this release.
Get it for free from the ever so kind Sirona-Records:

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