Øjne / Улыбайся Ветру – Split

Artists: Øjne / Улыбайся Ветру
title: split
Format: 7″ vinyl
Keywords: screamo, noise, emo, hardcore, post-hardcore, punk
Labels: Pike Records [DE] ,It’s a Trap! Records [US] ,Flood Records [BE] ,Zegema Beach Record [CA], Unlock Yourself Records [RU] ,La Agonia De Vivir [ES] ,Pure Heart Records [CZ]
Reviewer: Willen van O.

We received an email that suggested us to say that the following release sucks. Which is in all honest truth isn’t such a weird suggestion considering what my ears are hearing. It’s a 7″ split between Улыбайся Ветру and Øjne and comes out on a handful of labels.
Are these labels deaf or is suckness just the new kind of success?

The music on this release by Улыбайся Ветру really did not much good in my ears, first playing gently and softly as if they were mermaids dribbling in acoustic ambient dreams before abrupt  lifting the volume button so far up the ass that the speakers popped and a spontaneous fire burned out the stereo equipment…

And that was just the first track..

It took a bit of time to get the fire people over and before the smoke was bearable to inhale again, but after the installment of a new stereo home speaker system we gave the second track a safe sign to go forward and play.

I don’t know if it was a technical failure on our side or that the track was indeed quite noisy and short. Couldn’t make out or trace down anything musically really, it was a short Riddle that obvious contained guitars, voices and drums but for some reason came out like one shot of sludge..

By listening to the third track it gave the strong impression that the left speaker had killed itself in agony, but for some reason Улыбайся Ветру reanimated it so it still could flush out more of the so called Lo-fi violent aggression. Still the speakers where either not good enough to capture the sound in a good way, or the band simply wanted to lead our ears to deafness without a memorable memory of what the actual reason was for this sudden hearing problem, but even the exploding short riffs of the last track couldn’t convince me why all these labels where releasing this on a piece of vinyl. Perhaps it is so bad that it is good? The new kind of punk on the block? Or perhaps the cables connected to the blown up stereo equipment and speakers had also been demolished while attempting to listen to this stuff, making it impossible to hear the obvious awesomeness of it all?

But what about the part that Øjne had on this split? Strangely it went out better through the speakers and for what I could hear had more the structure of an actual energetic skilled screamo band. Even though the email was send from Øjne’s camp suggesting that it would ‘suck’, they suddenly played through the broken down speakers like their live was depending on it. Pretty bombastic but certainly not unwell and loud enough to conquer the dodgy equipment without sounding like a squashed fart of destruction.
So if you are into screamo and burning down your house while damaging your ears along the way, you might want to move to one of these labels and get this alternative suckness on disc jockeys favorite material: a piece of round vinyl! (also usable as a Frisbee!)

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