Origami Repetika – The Odor of Team Spirit

spiritartist: Origami Repetika
title: The Odor of Team Spirit
keywords: oh my goodness, electronica, visuals, video

Oh My goodness! The Odor of Team Spirit! Isn’t it great? Especially when teamed up with the visuals by MilkDrop2? It’s almost like experiencing an outer body experience while watching all these lights,tunnels and neon landscapes; except that it makes me feel very much alive and joyful.
Plus I’m just sitting, watching and hearing the ‘happening’ on a screen. What a great combination, what a great team and what a great visual Odor this music has! It’s the colors! The colors they fascinate me so much! Aren’t they fascinating? Oh my jolly goodness!
And what about that mouse pointer that shows no reaction whatsoever when going through all these wonderful computer generated imagery!
If Origami Repetika and Milkdrop2 would bottle this moment and sell it as an authentic audio visual perfume* I would bath myself in it!
It’s that kind of goodness. The definition of Oh my Goodness!
Here it is, watch the mouse pointer going through the tunnels of the after life and enjoy the music!


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