Static Park – Apartment Therapy

Artist: Static Park
title: Apartment Therapy
cat: DNR17
keywords: Harsh Noise Wall, HNW, Noise
label: DreamNoise

This isn’t a dream! This is a real post about the latest release coming from a label called DreamNoise! How about some French wine, some croissants, some baguettes to celebrate in style? I mean this is not just a normal dream noise release, this is one of a French HNW project!
It is more seasoned, has a bit of garlic added but will definitely not be outshined by any other harsh noise wall productions coming from other countries. It has it’s own flavor, but is definitely still high up there in the noise departments!

It starts with a track called ‘warm’ , which is like a most welcome Crackle that crunches away to say ‘Bonjour’! Very short, polite and indeed as warm as the title would suggest. Bon appetite!

The main meal is a crunchy and enjoyable HNW that pleasantly befriends us for at least 10 minutes. This is also a warm event and goes down well while eating frog legs the French way. There is a lot of movement in there: outbursts of harsh hiss, some dog whistle beeps and lower crunches; but in general it’s like sitting close to an open fire with the wine in a good room temperature. The work that is loud and expressive but also compliments ‘the good life’.
Towards the end we reach a sizzling highlight that made me think of a summer day in the outskirts of Paris with heavy, heavy rainfall.

The last track is called ‘in a chair’ which sounds like sitting in an electric chair while getting a steady flow of voltage frying both the ears. Chapeau for that and enjoy the link before I Au Revoir you:

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