OCD Soundsystem – Wayne

Artist: OCD Soundsystem
title: Wayne
keywords: electronic, chillwave, freak, folk, house, progressive, synth, pnk, trip hop

Shadowalwaysfollowmehome’ is the first track to stumble over when going for this album brought by OCD Soundsystem. It’s like we enter a movie somewhere in the middle where the project wants to be alone after experiencing something that could make a person want to be simple be left alone. But here we are, following OVD soundsystem like mysterious stalking viewers as the project walks through rainy, grim and even slightly depressing alleyways, realizing that the biggest stalker out there isn’t this bunch of creepy review readers with binoculars but in fact the shadow that is attached to OCD Soundsystem like an accident with skin and superglue. It’s not all doom and gloom as perhaps it’s also a comforting thought to know that you can’t piss off your own shadow; that it will never say ‘geez, I had enough, I’ll pack my shadow bags and leave..’. It’s like the perfect comfortable thought that even if your relationship with someone you cared for just dumped your heart in the toilet, and the thought of being miserably alone makes way for the thought that whatever happens: you will never be alone! Your shadow will follow you home and that’s a comfort in heartbroken times I guess.

The next thing that happens while listening to this release is a track called ‘Camp Wayne’. To me it feels as the perfect song to listen while traveling on a slow rolling steam train. It has this rhythm that fits the imagery of sliding steady over a train rails while early morning scenery can be seen from out of the train windows. It’s not very light but it isn’t hard to distinguish landscapes of grass, some cows in the mist and groups of identical trees standing in foggy fields. It feels as if we are the only one mad enough to be awake at this early hour, but it is also a privilege. I mean we hear exclusively these pretty soft synthesizer tones being provided by this OCD Soundsystem and it gives this whole ride an magical flair. It’s comforting how the singer sings as we move along to our unknown destination.

But first we stop at ‘Camp Pain’ to whiteness scenes of mad making pain. The screams, the madness, the paranoia and the pleasure of breaking someone’s fingers in a crazy daze while lush beats and voices in the head are the ones making you do ‘crazy things’. That’s all what this is about molded in a fine piece of music.

After the pain we will find the more joyful side of OCD Soundsystem. Sexy chat ups involving lyrics, fat synthesizer usage, fine wobble base goodness and even a horny horn like instrument adding sexiness to this hot dance cracker. ‘Sex Underground pt. 1’ sounds like the anthem you want to hear while attending the cool night club that still has some brains left.

After being sucked in through a black hole to another universe the OCD Soundsystem has grown enough on me to feel how wicked the music is. It is here that I feel at home chilling out with the aliens observing the tragedy that is Earth. OCD Soundsystem gives the perfect chill out space bliss music and some funny game music at the final end.

From here we can put the hands up in the air and jump on the sofa as we are back down on earth again, straight deported into the ‘Mandump’. A mandump so colorfully colored and translated in music that brings a guitar to get the real ‘swing’ started. It has an animalistic eighties feeling, probably because of the choice of syntheses. But it also captured the feeling of having balls, swinging balls of steel dangling to the rhythm that the OCD Soundsystem feeds us so perfectly.

A more dreamy moment of music is the track called ‘marine dreams’. It sounds delightfully dazed as if we smoked the content of a big jar of purple haze and are now asked to dance in the clouds that got stuck in the living room. It’s the peaceful music that you want to share and pass on to your brothers and sisters.

‘Agents of Deep’ is the creepiest track on this release. The dedicated vocals and tones of the music are as if a group of phantoms have taken over the OCD Soundsystem. It starts all slowly and spooky, but than a taste of Hell breaks loose! Heavy to handle but like every sin, it feels ‘oh so evil and double so good’! Probably my favorite track on this release as there is simply no way not to love the heavy guitar, the burning noise, the drums clashing, and the epic atmospheric sinister synthesizer; add them all together for a fine brew of darkness.

The last track is another honest and sincere sounding one that comes across as the OCD Soundsystem is wearing his heart where the music is and isn’t afraid to present its vulnerability in a loving form of music. We can hear a piano, some computer generated strings? A drumcomputer drilling softly away like a tragic goodbye song, that wants to hug everyone with a sensible touch.  Let’s go for a little ride into the world of ‘Wayne’:

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