Locкboж Цnion – Thirst

Artist: Locкboж Цnion
title: Thirst
keywords: experimental, hypnagogic, lofi, retro, vaporwave

I am sure everyone here has ordered a copy of The ‘Bagel days LP’ by Locкboж Цnion, right? No? I know it has just been released, but some stuff is just so hot it goes around like a freshly made bagel! Also add the news that the LP comes with a coupon to get 50% off at a bagel shop and you can imagine that the vaporwave freaks and bagel lovers are fist fighting to get a copy of this hotty.  You don’t need to go through all this; you can just go to the artist bandcamp and order it without queuing up and waiting hungry in a long line.

I have unfortunately not enough time to go through the whole album at this moment (I’m trying to eat a bagel), but thought to drop by to tell you about its singleThirst.
A beautiful vaporwave track that is as chilling as it can be and feels like you want to hit the repeat button every time the tune stops. It’s something that suits a little romance in a slow romantic dance session. Perfect for intimate youngsters at their ballroom prom.. It not only makes the mood into a kissing time, but it makes you for sure thirsty and hungry for that ‘Bagel days LP’.

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