Doomettes – Windows/Mirrors

Artist: Doomettes
Title: Windows/Mirrors (music video)
Keywords: doompop, experimental, video, animation,

Our days have been all gloom and doom without an update of Doomettes, but our silly loneliness is having a little break as today we have a great sign of the future workings of our favorite doompop creator. It’s brought to us in the shape of an audio / visual experience that gives our ears enough sound to gain excitement in awaiting for a future Doomettes album, and our eyes plenty of other eyes to stare into.

Yes, at least for now our loneliness can take a hike as we overdosing on a huge variation of mirrors of the (in this case probably ‘doomed’) soul.
It’s a great video, perfectly cut with the thrilling eccentric music featuring next to many eyes, also nicely done doom-ish black and white animations. It gives the music an extra dimension although as a stand-alone would be just as strong without it.

It’s difficult to explain the magic of sound of the Windows/Mirrors song, as it is like most Doomettes material pretty much a genre on its own. I can throw in terms and tell you that it touches upon industrial, noise, psychedelica, experimental, pop, punk, drone, ambient etc., but it simply isn’t any of that. It’s Doomettes and its unique doompop in combination with a perfect suitable music video.

Staring in other staring eyes gave me the freaks at first sight, but once you go for it you simply can’t look away! Turn the volume up and take a look at the Windows/Mirrors music video:

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