Angel Lust – breathing helix ring

artist: Angel Lust
title: Breathing Helix ring
keywords: electronic, experimental, free improvisational, noise, rap, hip-hop, horror core, underground
label: Gods On Safari
reviewer: Willem van O.

Who said that noise couldn’t be funky? It wasn’t me and it for sure did not come out of Angel Lust’s mouth! And if it had accidentally escaped between Angel Lust’s voluminous lips than we can only say that it would be a complete lie!
Angel Lust delivers over here with these two tracks (featuring Spaghetti Blacc) the full naked proof that noise can be infectiously funky. It might not be noisy enough for the strictly harsh noise fan, but still it’s fuzzy buzzy enough to turn (with a little help of yourself) the volume meters in the red. But let us not stare blind at the fuzzy side of the sound of this release, but let’s add some words to explain the funkiness. Think lost of hyper jolly rumbling beats, ridiculous vocal impressions, rattling, crashes, radio noise, vague honking trumpets.. It’s a wild mix that makes me wish to add it as a soundtrack for a run around comedy scene featuring Benny Hill!

The next track isn’t that noisy but involves rough experimental hip hop-ish stuff that rolls on a fine crazy groove. It simply flabbergasted me enough that it made my ears flip backwards, to purely focus on these bizarre flows of spitting words and cuckoo music! This is some fanatically fun weird stuff and highly recommended to provide yourself with a delicious WTF moment! Great, more of this please!

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