Chav Stabber – Dual Channel Assault (video)

indexArtist: Chav Stabber
Title: Dual Channel Assault
Keywords: harsh noise, noise, video
Words by: Mark X

Warning! The following ‘music’ video is dangerous. dangerous? As in Michael Jackson’s dangerous? Nope as in dangerous, dangerous. It isn’t even a joke or a potential side jab into absurdism, it’s really not recommended to give it a try. Especially epileptic people should try to avoid it at all cost. But even healthy people might become seriously hospitalized by giving in to the urge to click and watch this video. The music is loud enough to do some proper damage to your speakers and ears, but the stroboscopic flickering between the visuals is really a tough swallow. Unless you are a noise veteran, not afraid for flickering lights and loud wild noises that pushes the audio visual explorers to the outer limits… If that’s you and you promise not to sue us (you are clicking at your own risk) than please open your ears and eyes and enjoy the classic Chav Stabber’s Dual Channel Assault music video over here:

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1 Response to Chav Stabber – Dual Channel Assault (video)

  1. SndChaser says:

    Interesting video and sound. What you haven’t mentioned is anything about the content of the video, which seems focused on violence. The sounds are choppy and violent, and the images are well sequenced to match the organized noise. One of the more cogent uses of noise in a video I’ve seen in quite sometime.

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