Vlad Shegal – ccbfwafmotgrffys

Artist: Vlad Shegal
Title: ccbfwafmotgrffys
Keywords: lobit, party, 8kbps

ccbfwafmotgrffys by Vlad Shegal sounds like there is lots of fun going on at the other side of the recording microphone. You can hear people their young and exciting voices singing their hearts out of excitement, probably recognition of the lyrics and lots of outburst of enthusiasm. At times it feels as if it is a recording of a concert captured while driving inside a roller coaster with all the screaming.. It’s brought to us in the ultra lobit encoding of 8kbps which gives it a muffled sound that keeps the whole happy event quite a mystery to random listeners. It’s a moment of good vibes and unity of an artist and its friends, something that we as outsiders can get a small peak off, almost like listening to an accidental recording through someone’s crappy mobile.
For the people who were involved; this must have been a great memory of this brewing moment in time, but for the rest of us it’s like; Damn, we have been missing out a good party!

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