Survival Tactics – Megafauna (single)

Artist: Survival Tactics
Title: megafauna (single)
Keywords: electronica, experimental
Reviewer: Explanation Mark

Look what we have found! A mega-find! A single by Survival Tactics called Megafauna! Let’s use more of these ‘!’ fellows! How does it sound?! It has this mega chill-hop beat that almost sounds a bit distorted + a mega cheesy space melody on repeat, some mega children and that’s about it. Don’t expect birds, wild animals or hamsters to make an appearance in Megafauna, but nobody will stop you to bring your own fauna! Survival Tactics left plenty of mega room for whatever form of life you want to add! But whatever you do, be sure that the cockatoo doesn’t do a mega poop all over it! Let’s keep it fun and clean in Megafauna land! Can you hear me?! … Is one of these ‘!’ friendly friends not enough at the end of every sentence? Hello!! Are you there somewhere?!! Oh well, I guess you are not very interested in this brand new mega single by Survival Tactics.. In that case I’ll keep the following mega link all too myself: (which is a shame cause megafauna sounds mega special)

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