Their Teeth to Points – The stillborn evening

Artist: Their Teeth to Points
Title: The stillborn evening
keywords: alternative, ambient, experimental, avantgarde

We Got Tired opens up the doors into the grim dark world of ‘their Teeth To Points’. In fact the sounds of old doors are a large ingredient within this experimental track. In the beginning we can hear them presented in their original state, but the further we go down the more processed or stretched they get. below all this is a lonely form of ambience that shimmers like a lonely light while voices from another realm speak like whispers from ghosts.

When listening to 540 it might happen that small groups of shine through spirits will fly past your ears. Soft noises also might appear; is it a clock or a frog? For certain is that an atmospheric choice of sound creates an haunting soft touch of thrilling music. It is like holding up your breath while listening to a haunted guitarist howling its sad and lonely story in the emptiness.

‘Gurgles of outflow’ sounds like out flowing gurgles that flow through dark empty abandoned rooms and hallways. Slipping underneath the small passages underneath doors and the floors, creating a soft spooky breeze, carrying background voices back from the death.

Flies Follow A Pattern’ and that’s probably what they will do in this track. You can hear their little buzzing wings flying from room to room probably coming from some decaying cadaver, left alone somewhere in the dark corners of sound. I must say that to hear the lovely flies flying around gives me a good feeling, also the haunting appearances are having a little break to listen to these small fellows flying around.

The last track is called ‘we still haven’t found the nouns’ which isn’t a very scary title for our imaginary haunted house experience. In fact I had no idea that we supposed to search for a nouns. If I had known, I wouldn’t have followed the flies to find a cadaver. But in all seriousness; this track is coming across as the happy ending as far as a happy ending exist in death ambient. There are some small hints of soothing holiness, bringing a little light at the end of our tunnel. How can we celebrate a nice ending better than placing a link to the very beginning? Here it is, enjoy the ambiance:

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